Project Description

In this tender portrait painting of a grandmother and baby granddaughter, my goal was to reflect their lovely softness and delicacy. I chose to paint their watercolor portrait painting in feminine pastel shades. Using variations of pink, blue and yellow harmonized the painting. In cropping the portrait, I chose to focus on the love between a grandmother and her baby granddaughter. But there’s still an airy feeling and a sense of sky and openness behind the pretty garden. In the reference photo, the darker confusing elements detract from the grandmother and baby. I always want to emphasize relationships over backgrounds.

“I was delighted to open your package with our beautiful watercolor portrait painting. Thank you! It is perfect. Your lovely painting will have a special place in my new home. I love the way you captured the tenderness of our relationship.”

Thank you!
Minneapolis, MN

From Nomi: Here’s my Blog Post showing how I created another sweet grandmother and baby granddaughter painting.