This recent portrait painting of a baby and grandmother lifts my heart every time I look at it. To me it defines love and the blessings of being a grandmother.

I am so appreciative to be receiving commissions from loving people all over the world … both new and loyal repeat clients. I have the privilege of making their families happy, while doing work that I adore.

A grandfather in Idaho emailed a reference photo to me. On Christmas Eve he surprised his lovely wife with the portrait painting. The darling photo was taken by their son.


Reference Photo

To make the baby more prominent in the painting, I cropped the photo a bit and added space at the bottom edge. I also took the liberties of painting a new hair bow, removing the logo on her shirt, simplifying the background, and extending her arm towards her grandmother.

Here are some steps during the Work in Progress:



My wife and the whole family love it. So did the framer and everyone who saw it at her shop. Here’s a photo of how it looks on our wall. I know you will see more requests from our family and others.

Thanks for getting it done before Christmas,  Randy

I am grateful to have lived the American Dream, painting people and places in our beautiful world. I pray that today’s children and future children have opportunities like mine … to make the most of their potential and find work that they love on a planet that is thriving.

This New Year’s, I’m sending prayers for safety, security, healing, and peace to our planet and all its inhabitants. When making decisions for humanity, may the world’s leaders choose good sense over ego and greed. And may everyone choose love over fear and divisiveness.


Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year and

Lots of Love!

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