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Welcome to Nomi Wagner’s world of custom portrait paintings. With each brushstroke, she brings your cherished memories to life and captures the essence of your loved one forever. See how ordinary snapshots inspire Nomi’s extraordinary paintings. Each of her portraits takes on a life of its own and has a unique story. Read the thoughts of a compassionate portrait artist who has dedicated her life to celebrating your precious moments in stunning paintings. In these blog posts, discover the magic of Nomi’s painting process and the personal stories behind her works of art.

6 Rescues and 1 Angel

Matty, a rescued dog I’d like you to meet 6 rescued pups and 1 Angel. Her name is Angela … perfect, don’t you think? She lives in Indiana and has lovingly and compassionately rescued [...]

100 Paintings in 100 Days

1998 Sepia Portrait Painting of Our Family from  1947 Photos Hi dear friends, Greetings from our new home in Camarillo, CA. Moving was challenging, but I'm up and running with a brand new website and [...]

My Creative Mystery

There's a creative mystery that many artists share. It's definitely this portrait artist's mystery. Often, when I finish a portrait, I’m baffled … Where did this come from? Who painted it?? This magic has been [...]

Deeply Grateful

This recent portrait painting of a baby and grandmother lifts my heart every time I look at it. To me it defines love and the blessings of being a grandmother. I am so appreciative to [...]

Puppyfaces by Nomi

  Is your dog ready for its close-up puppyface portrait??? Adorable Pet Portraits in time for Holiday Gifts 8x10 Close-up Studies of Your Furry Friends by a dog-friendly portrait painter! It’s fun and makes your [...]


Do you like surprises? I do and so do lots of my clients. It’s hard to know what to give the person who has everything. But you can’t miss with a portrait of someone [...]

Turning Sadness into Beauty

Most people don’t know that much of my work is creating timeless portraits of loved ones who have passed away—babies, children, adults, and pets. I am deeply touched when clients wish to transform their devastating [...]

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