Hand-Painted Portraits

Inspired by Your Favorite Photos

Commission a custom portrait based on a favorite photograph. Cherish your memories and celebrate the relationships that make those memories special with a stunning painting by Nomi Wagner.

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Meet Portrait Artist Nomi Wagner

Nomi Wagner, Portrait Artist has been a full-time portrait artist for 28 years, painting custom portraits of Children, Adults, Families, Teens, and Pets. During Nomi’s previous career as a portrait photographer, she studied fine art and technology at UCLA. Nomi combines her experiences as a traditional portrait painter and pioneer in digital graphics to elevate your reference photos into stunning works of art. Join Nomi in celebrating life with an extraordinary portrait of those you love.

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Personalized Fine Art

Struggling to find the perfect, unique gift for someone who has everything? Planning a surprise gift for a birthday, anniversary, or the holidays? If you like to give unique gifts, a custom portrait painting is the perfect gift. Custom portraits elevate the art of gifting, offering an exquisite, personalized solution that goes beyond traditional presents.

Nomi Wagner Custom Portraits provides a loving and lasting alternative to traditional gifts, meticulously capturing your loved one’s character. Nomi brings your photos to life with her gift to bring out the best in each person. Surprise your special someone with a gorgeous and detailed portrait. Each custom portrait is a token of the love you share—a story beautifully captured in one timeless keepsake.

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Custom Family Portraits

By a Professional
Portrait Artist

Nomi Wagner is here to make your artwork come to life with her eye for detail. Nomi creates personalized, custom artwork you can enjoy, display on the walls of your home, and pass on to future generations—all from your own family photos! Portraits of grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, children and more. The final result is custom art that reminds you of what matters most in your life—the people you love! Nomi has created portraits for hundreds of grateful families. Become one of Nomi’s loyal clients.

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Custom Pet Portraits

Display Your Love for Your Dog, Cat or Other Pet in a Painted Pet Portrait

Create a heartfelt memory that transcends traditional pet photographs. Nomi Wagner specializes in creating dog portraits, horse portraits, cat portraits, and other pets from your favorite photos. It’s the perfect way to remember all of the great experiences you have with your furry friend. Nomi understands the deep bond between people and their pets. Capture the spirit and individuality of your beloved pets with a beautiful custom painting to cherish forever!

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Commission a Lifelike Personalized Portrait of Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Wish you had a painting to commemorate a beloved relative or pet who has passed away? Commission a portrait!  Nomi often paints portraits of her clients’ family members who have passed away. She is honored to be trusted with your personal memories. She respects your specific needs. Her goal is for you to enjoy and be comforted by the display of elegant and personally meaningful portraiture in your home.

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The Joy of Owning a Professional Portrait

Nomi combines her experiences as a professional portrait photographer, traditional portrait painter and pioneer in digital graphics to elevate your reference photos into stunning works of art. Portraits referencing photos of someone special are a great way to capture the essence of a personality. Join Nomi in celebrating life and cherished memories with an extraordinary one-of-a-kind painting of those you love.

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When You Work With an Artist for Hire…

Your custom portrait painting by artist Nomi Wagner is an original work of fine art, designed specifically for your family to enjoy.

Nomi has the gift to look deeply into your reference photos and bring them to life.

  • She pays close attention to your particular desires and creates portraits keeping your personal tastes in mind. Nomi is a portrait artist who listens.
  • Nomi keeps in touch with you from start to finish through the entire process via email and phone with jpegs of the work in progress for your feedback.
  • She starts with a pencil drawing and works with you to gather feedback.
  • Nomi then hand paints your family’s heirloom portrait, working closely with you to make sure your artwork is the likeness you desire.
  • Revisions are included and part of the custom painting process.
  • Included in your portrait commission is a stunning portrait any size you wish up to 30Ă—40 inches. Portraits are printed on your choice of fine art watercolor paper or canvas. Additional prints for gifts are available.
  • Nomi ships your magnificent personalized portrait upon your final approval.
  • Prices are based on the amount of time Nomi needs to paint your hand-crafted custom portrait. Please contact Nomi for a free estimate.
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Portrait Painting Help!

Having trouble choosing from your photos? Just upload or email your photos on Nomi’s Contact Page. Nomi welcomes lots of photos to choose from. She helps you select the photos that will be the best references for your final portrait. Thank you so much for choosing Nomi Wagner, a top portrait artist who has made many families very happy for 28 years.