Testimonials from Nomi’s Clients

Nomi Wagner’s goal as an artist has always been to make people happy with beautiful images of their loved ones. So you can imagine how deeply gratified she is by the testimonials she receives from her clients regarding their portrait paintings. Not only does her work personally and creatively fulfill her, but it is bringing comfort and joy to so many people all over the world. And a bonus is the lasting friendships Nomi has developed with many of her dear clients. 😍 You’ll find more testimonials from Nomi’s clients within her Portrait Galleries.

A testimonial from Nomi's client tells about this portrait painting of her children, sitting and laughing on the dunes at Mandalay Beach, CA.

“For my 40th birthday, my very generous and thoughtful in-laws gifted me a Nomi Wagner portrait painting of my then-toddlers. We still talk about the adventure that day: meeting Nomi at the beach where she captured my kids really being themselves. Their laughter was genuine and the setting was perfect. We then visited her studio to see where the magic happens … and months later, the magic did indeed arrive at our home!

Nomi is a truly gifted artist and her work is imbued with the love and appreciation she feels for human connection. Our beloved portrait still — almost 20 years later — sits above our mantel and is the focal point of our home. Guests ALWAYS comment on it and it brings me joy every time I look at it.”
Paula, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Oh my gosh, the painting of our doggies is beautiful! Just how I envisioned it. The entire veterinary staff here at OSU is very impressed with your work.”
Lynette, Columbus, OH

“Great news, Nomi! All six portraits have been approved by our client. They are very impressed with your work. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for the beautiful paintings. It will be a stunning display.”
Nancy, Gensler Architecture, San Francisco, CA

“Dear Nomi, Please share our painting on your website. Everyone in the universe needs to see what an awesome artist you are! When I surprised my husband on Christmas morning, he was so emotional. He said you captured Bella’s every feature and even her personality. He kept asking me how I did this. I told him I found an angel and her name is Nomi.”
Shelley, Branford, CT

“Nomi, Love it! You are a wonder. Thank you from a grieving husband who has had his wish fulfilled.”
Tony, Cardiff, South Wales

“Hi Nomi, Amazing!! It’s so cool—your talent and gifts. I love to be able to see the painting coming together with the jpegs you are sending of the work in progress. Just beautiful!”
Carlen, Newtown, CT

“Hello Nomi, Your talent, heart, and creativeness bring so much happiness to people all over the world. The warmth, joy and love you mold into your portraits is so very special. You truly are a gift to all of us who have your creations in our homes. I thank you for this. I can hardly wait for my daughter and her husband to open their gift this Christmas. The drawing you made of our granddaughter is exquisite.”
Don, Toronto, Canada

“Nomi, My portrait is amazing! I hope I actually look that good in real life. Haha. Thank you!!”
Kamelia, Los Angeles, CA

“Nomi, Thank you once again for the beautifully rendered portrait of my darling wife. I was blown away when I opened the full-sized painting in the framing store and nearly wept gazing at it. It’s a masterpiece. Now you can add us to your long list of delighted clients.”
Steve, Downington, PA

“What an exceptional talent you have, Nomi. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and creating such a lovely painting for our home. It truly captures the love that our daughters have for one another. We love it.”

Autumn, Carlsbad, CA

“Nomi, HOW can I thank you? I am so happy with the painting of my daughter. Not only because of the end result but also because you are wonderful to work with. My best gift ever!”
Angela, Falls Church, VA

“Nomi, Oh my god! I love my grandma’s portrait. My mom is going to FREAK OUT when I surprise her with it. Thank you so much!! Your work is absolutely stunning. Please put my testimonial on your website. People deserve to know how amazing you are.”
Serali, Orlando, FL

“I have gotten so many compliments on your portrait … I can’t even count them. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!! Thank you so much!! I was just in Florida visiting my in-laws and they have placed theirs over the mantel in the living room for everyone to see.”
Bliss, Hidden Hills, CA

“Nomi, IT IS PERFECT! The amount of detail that you got, the way you captured our baby’s essence, her chubby little cheeks, her perfect little curls and hands. Thank you for pouring your heart into this bittersweet painting. I cried and cried. It means the world to me.”
Brittanii, Bakersfield, CA

“Thank you so much Nomi for sending the additional framed portrait of the children for my office. My staff and clients are in awe of your art. Your masterful works will grace both my home and office for years to come. May you continue to bring joy to the homes and hearts of many other families.”
David, Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Nomi, Thank you for the kindness you have shown my family by creating such an amazing memory of our baby. Losing her was the worst experience in my life. Your portrait will help us remember her forever. I look at it often and feel happiness seeing her in this portrait. Before, I couldn’t feel anything but sadness and anger. You have helped heal my heart.”
Heather, Santa Rosa, CA

“All good here. The fire missed us by 400 yards. You’ll be pleased to know that when we got a midnight call in Rome that the neighborhood was about to be evacuated, my wife told our sitter to bring the kids, the dog, and Nomi’s painting. Personally, I thought it was ridiculous to bring the dog, she might mess up the painting.”
Cliff, San Bernardino, CA