Project Description

My favorite portrait is this black and white watercolor painting I did of my father and me in front of our home in Los Angeles. I found the tiny, faded but sharp, 1941 photo in one of our albums. As a G.I. in World War II, he passed away in 1945.

To me, all my portraits are bittersweet. They all reflect special moments in time that we want to remember … moments that celebrate life and mark the best of times … moments that tug at our hearts and remind us of how both sad and wondrous it is to love.

Doing this work is never easy for me, but very fulfilling. I feel both the joy and pain of my clients. They put their trust in me and I feel an immense responsibility to capture not only the beauty I see, but also the character of my subjects and the emotion of that exact moment in time.

I’m so blessed to have found this challenging work that I love.