Most people don’t know that much of my work is creating timeless portraits of loved ones who have passed away—babies, children, adults, and pets.

I am deeply touched when clients wish to transform their devastating loss into a lovely tribute. I feel blessed to be trusted with creating portraits of their beloved family members. My goal is to help them by turning their sadness into beauty.

Too often a passing is tragic and impersonal—not the image we want to remember.

Seeing beautiful portraits of our loved ones is healing. A drawing or painting can replace a haunting memory with a positive and loving one.

Email from a Grieving Daughter

Reference Photo

Hi Nomi,
“I have been thinking about commissioning a portrait of my mother for a while now. She died ten years ago, when I was 28. I have not had any pictures of her on my walls since she died. I want to change that, and when I learned that you are comfortable doing this type of portrait, I knew you were the artist to paint my mother’s portrait.  

I’ve decided on a 1982 photo, which was originally a slide and has been scanned. It is not high resolution, but shows my mother the way my siblings and I want to remember her. The occasion was my mother’s 34th birthday party in my grandparents’ Ohio backyard. I was two. 

I would like the words on her shirt to stay, as her love of chocolate was renowned and is something we share. I’ve attached a link to a graphic of the Sandra Boynton hippopotamus beneath the words. Please paint the rest of her shirt with her arms at her side instead of my head. I’m also interested in ordering additional prints for my siblings and my aunt, my mother’s sister.”
Pasadena, CA


Work in Progress

Hi Nomi,
“Your work truly has brought joy to my family. You have given me a positive and beautiful way to have my mother be more of a presence in my life and for my kids to see the grandma they never met. 

When my aunt received her print of the portrait you made, she texted:

 ‘This is so your Mom!! Makes me laugh and cry at the same time. That shirt is her MO! It’s an awesome tribute to a Mom who loved you all so much. You picked the right artist for this. She really captured your Mom in this picture, her eyes and smile. Your Mom would love that you have done this.’

Many thanks for your work Nomi,  from me and my family.”

My Calling as an Artist

I am grateful that my art can bring comfort and joy to others, as well as to our family. Painful personal losses very early in my life made me want to help others. I am sure those childhood experiences led me to this career and my calling. I am here to help you by turning your sadness into beauty.

Please contact me if you or someone you know would appreciate a respectful and flattering portrait of a loved one. I am always honored to receive commissions.

Phone: 805-985-3579