A family selfie at Thanksgiving.

There’s no substitute for a professionally posed and lighted family portrait. But when the gang’s all together on Thanksgiving, it’s fun to take candid group shots.

Wish you could take better group photos and family selfies this holiday season?

Here’s our family secret …

Look up!

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it’s the sky!


That’s one gorgeous great big reflector sitting right up there, waiting for you.

OMG, has that always been there?! YES, and you don’t have to order it from Amazon!

But you might want to order a selfie stick with remote control, which is what we use.

Find the best light by walking around while holding up your hand.

Then place your subjects in that sweet spot.

A photo shows a hand in proper light and poor light for photography.

The sky in open shade will give you flattering even lighting on everyone’s face.

Open shade is what photographers refer to when there is no harsh direct light on a subject’s face, just lots of soft glowing reflected light from our friend the sky.

The best time for portrait photography is the hour prior to sunset, the Golden Hour.

Just look for an unobstructed expanse of sky in front of the group. No flash.

And if you’re indoors, look for good window light reflecting on your subjects.


Here’s to a Happy Photo-Op Thanksgiving

from our family to yours


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