Dog Lifts Dumbbell in Zoom Class


While my friend was working out during a Zoom class, her little dog grabbed one of the free weights. Impressive, don’t you think? Odessa is one strong pup!

Odessa’s reference photo

The photo really hit home. Zoom has brought connection and solace to me during this year of isolation.

As well as Zoom meetings with family, friends, and book club, I have spent hundreds of happy hours in daily Live Zoom exercise classes.

When life gets scary and beyond my control … and before I slide down the slippery slope of despair …

I exercise!

Each class is a workout for the body and mind. If I’m physically and mentally strong, sleeping well and eating properly, my emotions perk up and the dark feelings of doom diminish. Working out works!

Dev Priya leads yoga gym class before pandemic

When gyms closed in early spring, my amazing yoga teacher, Dev Priya, offered Live Zoom meetings 4 mornings a week from her home. Practicing yoga together on Zoom, I’ve stayed connected with my friends from the gym, and regained a sense of normalcy.

Chatting before our yoga Zoom class

Silver Sneakers also moved classes from gyms to Live Zoom webinars, 7 days a week, with participants from all over the country.

I take Silver Sneakers cardio, tai chi, qigong, zumba, ballroom dancing, yoga, Pilates, stress management, plus strength classes incorporating free weights, resistance tubing, and exercise balls. Never boring—always fun!

Sharlyn leads circuit training from Arizona

Silver Sneakers is available through my supplemental insurance. If you aren’t old enough (65 and up LOL) or don’t have access to Silver Sneakers, their YouTube channel is open to all.

Andi and Molly instruct from Massachusetts

Although participants aren’t visible, we can “talk” to each other and the instructors using the chat box. There’s comfort in being with the same upbeat people week after week. Meeting together at the appointed times has brought consistency in this out-of-control year.

I feel as though I know my Silver Sneakers teachers after virtually being in their homes every week. They chat about what’s going on in their lives. I even know the names of their dogs and cats.

I ballroom dance at 6:30 am (it’s afternoon in England)

Both Silver Sneakers and Dev Priya intend to keep the Live Zoom format after the pandemic. With no commute time, I can attend several Zoom classes every morning of the week, leaving plenty of hours in the day for painting portraits (which always keeps my spirits up).

My studio now doubles as my gym … definitely my happy place.

With Gratitude!

With prayers for those who have lost so much this past year, I would like to thank all front-line workers who risk their lives to keep us healthy and safe. I’d also like to thank my children and grandchildren. Throughout the pandemic we’ve all met on Zoom, making Sunday evening the highlight of every week.

Family Zoom

And many thanks to all of my new and repeat clients who commissioned me this year. As always, I am grateful for your support of my work. I was able to complete 27 projects, several for holiday gifts. Many of them can be seen in the galleries on my website.

 My first commission of 2021

Wishing you and yours a happier and healthy 2021.

PS Feel free to call me if you’d like more information on my Zoom experiences. And if you’re thinking of commissioning a portrait for 2021, please contact me as early as you can. I am now scheduling into spring. Stay safe and fit everyone!