Project Description

A portrait study of our granddaughter, in sepia watercolor. We were having lunch near a window at a restaurant in Gig Harbor, WA. The direction of the soft lighting on her features was perfect, as she colored with crayons. Photographing a subject absorbed in an activity is a good way to capture a natural expression on a child, or anyone. I painted this portrait study in sepia watercolor because I thought it had a Renaissance feeling.

“Nomi, I smile every time I pass the wall where the portraits you created of our seven grandchildren (3 of whom we share with you!) are hanging. I love the variety … portrait studies in black and white and sepia watercolor, and color paintings … each capturing the uniqueness of the individual child. Eager to see the portrait of our 8th grandchild joining the others. Our grandchildren love to look at their own portraits as well as those of their siblings and cousins. Thank you!”
Pauline, Mercer Island, WA

See 6 portraits of surgeons. I painted with sepia to make them timeless.