Project Description

Fortunately, for this painting of a family, my client sent many photos for me to reference. Building the pose was a challenging puzzle, but this arrangement of their combined family worked out well. I placed the mom’s children on the left and the dad’s on the right. When I’m referring to so many varied source photos for a painting, it’s often easier to create a harmonious portrait as a black and white watercolor painting. I simplified the clothing with pen and ink to make their faces prominent focal points. With portraiture, the viewer’s eye should always be directed first to the subjects’ faces, and then travel around the painting to view the rest of the portrait details.

“Nomi, Thank you for this timeless piece of art. The way you captured all of us was impeccable. You are a creative genius. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making our family come to life.”
Dawn and Lamonte, Washington, D.C.

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