Nomi paints freehand with her iPad and computer


Do you ever feel like you’re in over your head?

I know that I do.

But if there is one word that defines me, relative to my work, it’s PERSEVERANCE.

When I first became a painter, offering commissioned portraits, I was given this warning  …

  1. Painting is hard.
  2. Painting portraits is the hardest.
  3. Anyone who paints commissioned portraits needs to have their head examined!

Did I heed the advice? Not for a second. Am I crazy? For sure!

But after 26 years, I still love this work—it makes me sooooo happy and I get to make other people happy too. Pretty cool, huh?!

Most artists will tell you that there is often a point of self-doubt while creating a piece of art. The work starts to take on a life of its own or it doesn’t look exactly as they had envisioned.

Doubt the Doubts!

That is the point when many artists give up and that is exactly when perseverance is called for and miracles happen. It’s a matter of trusting oneself and trusting the art.

Being crazy, I always bite off more than I can chew …but I have a safety net

Drawing and painting with a computer and iPad admittedly has its benefits. I can erase, make changes, and also save versions of your painting as I proceed. Every time I say to myself, “Wow, that looks good!” and also every time I worry that the art may be going in the wrong direction, I save the version.

Being able to save files like this gives me the confidence to take risks with my work. I rarely go back to a previous version, but just knowing that I can gives me confidence to go forward fearlessly. For a perfectionist like me, it’s a PERFECT solution!

I thrive on challenges and painting custom portraits from reference photos can be daunting, but is a great discipline for me. So I ignore the doubts and jump in, painting stroke by stroke … until … oh my gosh … a painting is born … a miracle that blows me away every time.

I work collaboratively, asking lots of questions and listening carefully to your desires and preferences. Throughout the project, I email jpegs of the work in progress for your approval or for changes. I want to do my very best for you, giving you even more than you expected and elevating your snapshots into art that you can proudly display. It is YOUR painting and I want you to LOVE it.

Perseverance is my Secret Sauce

Here is a cartoon by my brilliant and famous cousin, Benita Epstein. It certainly describes me, for better or for worse, but I would of course wear a lovely gown!



They say art mirrors life, so perseverance can be called on for any task … cleaning, organizing … you know, the things we put off. But just starting is a huge accomplishment, and then doing a little bit more and a little bit more and Voila! Doubt the doubts and pat yourself on the back. No more beating yourself up. Recognizing your accomplishments, even little ones, is a gift to yourself. Happy Holidays!