First time to commission a portrait? It’s FUN … just 5 Easy Steps!

1. Send a photo

Upload or email a favorite photo or photos for me to reference (see Photo tips below.)

2. Share your ideas

Let me know what you have in mind—your personal tastes, wishes, and concerns.

3. Receive my estimate

Once I see your photos, if I can meet your needs and desires, I will be able to give you a free estimate. No obligation.

4. View painting updates

Throughout the work in progress, I will email you proofs of your portrait for your approval or changes.

5. Enjoy your portrait!

Your beautiful painting (and any additional ones for gifts) will be shipped free for you and your family to love.

My creative process?

Referring to your photos for inspiration, your portrait painting will be a one-of-a-kind luxury work of art, created just for you. I’m detail-oriented and take the time needed to paint a stunning portrait, stroke by stroke, meeting your special preferences and requests.

As one of the earliest artists to embrace graphics technology, I’ve painted watercolor portraits digitally for 26 years. Instead of my regular pencils and brushes, I use a Wacom stylus and an Apple pencil to sketch and paint. The experience feels the same, completely natural, and I can erase without ruining the painting! My artwork bridges the best of both worlds—traditional watercolor painting and the latest brilliant technology. To see how various paintings evolved, you can view lots of examples of Work in Progress in my Blog posts. Enjoy my video!

Portrait choices?

Portrait Paintings

Your commission includes a signed portrait painting of any size you desire up to 30×40 inches, on your choice of fine art watercolor paper or canvas. Portrait paintings may be in color, black and white, or sepia watercolor. Prices are based on the amount of time I need to paint your personalized custom portrait. USPS shipping is free in the U.S. Please contact me for a free estimate.

Close-up Portrait Studies

Your commission includes a head and shoulders watercolor portrait of one person or pet against a white background. Signed portrait studies are on fine art watercolor paper, any size up to 8×10 inches. USPS shipping is free in the U.S.
Black and white or sepia studies — $350.00
Color studies — $450.00

Portrait pricing and payment information?

Pricing is based on:
  • Number of people and pets
  • Close-up, mid-body, or full-body poses
  • Portrait style chosen — color, black and white, or sepia
  • Background detail
  • Quality of the photos
  • Complexity of the project
Payment details:
  • A deposit is required to begin your project, with the balance due upon completion.
  • Venmo, Zelle, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, PayPal, and checks are accepted.
  • You are welcome to work out the timing of payments with me.

Sending reference photos?

I can help you choose from photos of:
  • Those you love – people and pets
  • Relatives or pets who have passed away
  • Special moments in your life – vacations, events, family get-togethers, personal interests
Photo tips:
  • Photos may be uploaded on my Contact page form or emailed.
  • Try to find photos that are focused and high resolution. If I can see good facial detail, I can create my very best portrait of your loved one.
  • To help me paint an accurate and flattering portrait, feel free to send lots of reference photos giving me clues about your loved one’s particular features and characteristics.
  • Choose the “Actual Size” setting when emailing from an iPhone or “Original Size” when emailing from an Android.
  • For the best resolution, photos from family members should be emailed to you at the above settings, not texted.
  • If sending many reference photos, I can email you a link to my Dropbox folder.
  • Photos taken by professional photographers require a release for any copyrighted images.

Shipping and extra goodies?

  • Portraits are shipped free USPS in the U.S.
  • FedEx and UPS (U.S. and International) shipping is available.
  • Additional signed portrait prints, of any size, may be ordered for offices, vacation homes, or gifts.
  • I can have your portrait custom framed to suit your taste.
  • Please let me know if your portrait is to be a surprise and needed by a special date. I love surprises!