Closeup painting by portrait artist, Nomi Wagner, of a Bichon mix rescue pup.

Matty, a rescued dog

I’d like you to meet 6 rescued pups and 1 Angel. 😇

Her name is Angela … perfect, don’t you think?

She lives in Indiana and has lovingly and compassionately rescued and nurtured 6 lucky dogs.

And I am the lucky artist who Angela has commissioned to paint each of the pups’ portrait paintings.

I asked Angela if she would write little stories about her rescues. This was her response:

“Nomi, I’m happy to and really do hope that the stories inspire people to adopt and maybe some people will adopt an older pet.” 💞


Jordan 2005-2018: Jordan was a Bichon Frisé/Poodle mix who came to me from the Humane Society in 2007 and had just turned 2. His owner was working and going back to school and didn’t think it was fair to leave him alone for 16 plus hours a day. I put in an application for him and was the second family being considered. The other family backed out and he was mine. I was thrilled beyond belief. Jordan and I built a bond that was strong and built on love. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him and he never left my side. Jordan was a social butterfly—people and pets all loved him. He was diagnosed with diabetes in May of 2018 and quickly lost his eyesight, but you never would have known it. I taught him walk commands and he knew the yard and the house with no issues. But on December 23, my Beautiful Boy passed away.

Wrigley and Angela

Wrigley 2003-2017: Wrigley, a Bichon Frisé was a rescue thru Adopt-A-Pet in July of 2016. His owner, who had him since he was a puppy, was sick and could not take care of him and his wife didn’t want him. She wanted him euthanized. He was put up for adoption and I was the lucky one that was picked to adopt him. When I picked him up he was 12 years old, the following week he turned 13, and three months after his 14th birthday he passed. Wrigley was a lover. As he got older, I purchased a stroller for him so he could ride for part of his walk. He would tap on the front of the stroller when he wanted out to pee or smell. He was truly loved. I always thought that if I got a second pet he would have a biblical name, but when Wrigley came along I knew it was a Chicago thing.


Gizmo 2013 to present: Gizmo is a Shih Tzu. Two months after I lost Wrigley, I went to the Humane Society shelter to drop things off. Of course, I had to walk around and look at all the animals. I saw Gizmo and asked what his story was: His family had just brought him in because he bit their child. Wondering what the child did to him. I filled out the adoption papers and was the lucky one to be picked. Before my Mom passed, she always said she wanted a gray dog. When I saw Gizmo I knew it was a sign from my Mom that he was meant to be part of the family. It took him about 8 months to acclimate to his new home. I just gave him time and learned his way of doing things. He has his quirks, will not share his toys with anyone, but he is truly loved and is a protector of his people. One of his favorite toys is his red Doggacino coffee cup.


Lou 2010-present: Lou is a Bichon Frisé/Poodle who came to me two months after losing my beloved Jordan. I saw his Humane Society photo and couldn’t get him out of my mind. Lou was eight at the time and was in bad shape. He healed my heart after losing Jordan and I believe Lou needed me also. He came into my life like he had been here forever. There was no transition time, he just moved in. Three months after arriving he had to have all his teeth pulled due to disease. I fed him scrambled eggs and wet food till he healed. He has come such a long way in three and a half years. He hates to have his tail touched and will grumble, but Lou is a true love.

Baby G

Baby G 2015-present: Baby G is a Maltese who came to us as a runaway rescue. I’m not sure of Baby G’s actual birthday or age, but she is about 8 years old. Neighbors had found her but could not keep her. My brother and I took her to the vet. She had no ID chip and needed medical attention. We had her groomed and began her rehabilitation. Over the next week, we found out who she belonged to and checked to see if they wanted her back. They said she looked happy and asked if we would keep her. Of course, the answer was YES. She is a guarder of the property and the Queen of this castle. She is a love bug and has been with us for 3 years now.


Matty 2008-present: Matty is a Bichon mix who came through a Rescue Group in Northbrook, IL. My brother and I call him Matty Alou after the baseball player. He is 15 years old and one awesome pup. I don’t know his full story, only that his owner passed away while in the hospital and Matty needed medical treatment for a respiratory infection. The family did not want him, so he ended up in a rescue. Fast forward—Matty is my shadow, my buddy, and one big love. He follows me everywhere I go. His upper respiratory infection has healed. He loves food and is very easy going. February 27, is Matty’s one year Gotcha Day!

PS from Angela:

“I’ve only known rescue pups. They are the most loving and appreciative pets. Their love is unconditional.


And remember to contact Nomi, my Artist Angel, for a loving pet portrait of any of your furry friends … past or present 🐶😻.

I adore her portrait paintings of my rescue pups.”