1998 Sepia Portrait Painting of Our Family from  1947 Photos

Hi dear friends,

Greetings from our new home in Camarillo, CA. Moving was challenging, but I’m up and running with a brand new website and my first post in ages. Happy to be back and hoping you are well.

I’ve had various versions of my website since the beginning of the internet … way back when it was “your grandmother’s world wide web” … long before it became a way of life for everyone.

For my shiny newest website, I was looking through my archives and discovered so many paintings I had completely forgotten about. I have been painting pretty much every day for the past 26 years and never thought about the number that had accumulated, but they quietly added up.

1996 Portrait of My Grandson Adam

When social media became popular, I was busy painting and only posted my work occasionally. Although I really enjoy receiving comments and likes, I paint for my clients and (don’t tell anyone!) for myself—to be creatively challenged every day. I do the work because it brings me so much fulfillment and joy.

My new web advisor, Greg Russo at Experia Creative, noticed that I’ve never posted regularly … busted! Greg reminded me that posting is essential for people to find me, so that I can continue to happily paint portraits. I know there are lovely people out there searching for an artist who will take a personal interest in their loved one’s portrait. I’m here! And now I’ll be a regular on Instagram too!

Inspired by Antrese Wood’s podcast, Savvy Painter, I got an idea. Antrese is challenging herself to create and post 100 self-portraits on Instagram in 100 days.

My idea is to post 100 of my archived works in 100 days. It will be fun for me to take a trip down memory lane. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram and check in on my progress beginning August 18.

1999 Portrait of My Friend Brooke

I so appreciate the support you give me and my art … by commissioning a portrait for yourself or as a gift … and by sharing my work with friends and social media followers.

Thank you for ARTicipating with me!

In this crazy world, let’s continue to cherish our precious memories by surrounding ourselves with beautiful images of our loved ones.

I hope you’ll contact me with any questions or just to say Hi.

Stay safe,

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